Psychological Evaluations

Psychological EvaluationsMany people need evaluations for work, school, or for their own information.

We have specialized in psychological Evaluations and testing for years.

We should be able to provide what you need at a reasonable price.


We can provide any needed psychological testing for adults. Just call and tell us what it is you need.


We provide evaluation services of children's behavioral and emotional problems, no matter how young.


We provide evaluation services of adolescent problems. Undiagnosed ADHD in teens a specialty.

DMV Reinstatement

California Drivers are getting notices saying that they need an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation to be able to renew their driver's license. We perform those evaluations quickly and at a price you can afford. We offer the fastest turnaround anywhere, sometimes the same day!

Alcohol & Drug

If you think alcohol or other substances are a problem or if someone is telling you they are a problem, we can do an assessment that will determine whether it is Substance Abuse or Dependency.


If you are being evaluated by a physician for Bariatric Surgery or weight loss surgery by another name, the doctor may tell you that he requires clearance from a psychologist. We have been providing this service at a low cost for years. Call us and we will handle this for you quickly and affordably.